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Custom Sign/artwork deposit

Custom Sign/artwork deposit


Custom sign/artwork deposit  

Non-refundable deposit for a totally custom sign and/or artwork for a sign. Once the actual sign is purchased, the deposit will be subtracted from your final cost.

Please let us know in as much detail as possible of what you would like on your sign, the size and color(s)....**Please check references below**. 


If you have any pictures or files of the illustrations you would like on your sign, please send those in an email to 


We will send a mock-up of your sign and make any changes you would like until it is perfect.  


Once we have all the details worked out and have designed the perfect sign for you, we will send an invoice for purchase of your sign.  The $20 deposit will be subtract from your sign's final cost.


**For reference of sizes, colors and services we offer, with prices**

*The most common sizes w/prices we offer...
Premium pine signs...
7"x 18"--$50
9"x 23"--$70
11"x 28"--$95

Solid oak signs...
7"x 18"--$65
9"x 23"--$90
11"x 28"--$125
We can also do different sizes, Please give us an estimate of the size you are interested in and we will be happy to give you a quote.

*Blacken-in lettering/carvings--$10
*Painted in areas/illustrations--$10 to $40, depending on amount or detail.

*Free shipping to USA addresses.

*Please check the pictures for color choices.

Thank you so much, we can't wait to make the perfect sign for you!

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