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*Materials and process

We use premium select pine that is virtually free of knots and blemishes.  Every sign is hand painted or stained with premium stains or paints and clear coated with indoor/outdoor spar urethane.  Every sign is custom carved and will be unique.


*Painted Signs:

With the painted signs we paint the board first then cut the sign so the natural wood shows through the lettering and illustrations.


*Stained Signs:

With the stain signs we cut the sign first then stain the entire sign, the lettering and illustrations are made darker through the process and you can see the natural wood grain through the entire sign.

*Outdoor care

Even though all signs are clear coated with indoor/outdoor spar urethane, it is recommended if used outside, that the sign be kept out of direct contact with the elements.  Sun, rain, wind, heat and cold can have serious impacts on your sign and its appearance if left in direct contact.  We recommend if the sign will be used outdoors, that the spar-urethane be reapplied annually for best protection.

outdoor care
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